Not All Hands-on Learning is IBL

Our workshops begin by getting you into the inquiry mindset. We then explore different processing skills needed to maximize investigable questions. Our process is based on the INQUIRE method to enhance creativity. We finish with an activity to help you apply these methods to your application.



Increase student success by developing the skills necessary for solving complex problems through inquiry-based learning.


Enrich the visitor’s experience by incorporating inquiry into the use of signage, zoo staff interaction, and exhibit programs.


Open inquiry-based learning opportunities to naturalists, expanding knowledge to participants in nature hikes, programs and events.


Use inquiry to tie the past and present with the future in a unique way to enhance lifelong learning beyond the physical walls of the museum.


What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

Inquiry-Based Learning is exploration that centers on critical thinking and engaged learning. It is a problem-solving process used when working through complex problems. Inquiry-Based Learning addresses “how we come to know” versus “what we know.” At the heart of the inquiry process is curiosity. The natural curiosity present in all of us is cultivated throughout the process, encouraging participants to be more aware of and question their surroundings. These observations and questions lead to the creation of new knowledge.


"Without inquiry there is no science! The IBL Institute training has definitely opened our eyes regarding the importance of inquiry-based learning and the ease in which it can be implemented into our daily instruction. Teachers now have not only the understanding but experience of both the guided and open inquiry process." – Katie Abbott, School Improvement Consultant

"It was awesome! This was the best IBL Workshop I have attended. This really seems practical and it is something that can be implemented in my class. I see the value in IBL." – Georgette McClain, High School Teacher