Professional Development Opportunities

Field WorkIBL Institute workshops focus on non-traditional, inquiry-based teaching and learning through a hands-on approach.  Collaborative workshops are designed for formal and informal educators using some innovative approaches.  We invite you to “observe, investigate, and share” with the Inquiry-Based Institute.

Topics Covered

  • The process of Inquiry-based learning (IBL)
  • The INQUIRE method for successful inquiries
  • Assessment

Workshop Themes

  • IBL can be another tool in the educational arsenal.
  • Instructors can still prepare students for standardized tests while using inquiry. Informal educators can incorporative the inquiry process to enrich the experience of the visitor or program participant.
  • Inquiry can be gradually incorporated into any educational experience.
  • Inquiry does not mean relinquishing control of the education process. It means sharing the responsibility for learning, giving students ownership of their ideas, and incorporating creativity.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the inquiry-based learning process (versus traditional learning methods)
  • To show how IBL can be another tool in the teaching arsenal.
  • To make educators more aware of their learning and teaching processes.
  • To give educators a way to realistically apply IBL to their profession.
  • To show how inquiry can be gradually incorporated.
  • To illuminate the benefits of IBL for educators and students in formal settings, or program participants and visitors in more informal environments.
  • To build the educator's confidence to apply IBL in their curriculum.