Field Platform

Inquiry learning outside the classroom

At the IBL Institute we support the inquiry-based outdoor education of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). An engaging on-site field platform encourages students to immerse themselves, hands-on, in STEM methods to help support a richer understanding of scientific concepts.

Studies show students benefit from time spent outside the traditional classroom. Educators find themselves with a class that is more responsive to the overall educational experience while creating advocates for their natural environment.

Despite all of the positive evidence, barriers keep students and educators inside. Lack of confidence or experience in teaching outdoors as well as the access to proper facilities, equipment, supplies and curriculum that support outdoor learning.

At the IBL Institute we are partnering with EnviroGo to customize and offer an intuitive portable field platform that breaks down the barriers for outdoor learning. The unit can be equipped with a portable awning, advanced battery power supply, 12 to 110 volt electricity, a lighting package, a weather station, solar panels, stainless steel sink, running water, microscope, first aid, and more depending on