What is inquiry-based learning?

Inquiry-Based Learning is exploration that centers on critical thinking and engaged learning. It addresses “how we come to know” versus “what we know.”

Do I have to choose between IBL and more traditional learning methods?

No, IBL and traditional learning methods complement each other. A synergy exists that makes the learning process more effective.

Is inquiry-based learning just for the traditional classroom environment?

No, formal and informal educators alike can benefit from IBL. Applications outside the classroom can be found in museums, zoos, parks, and community based events.

How does IBL differ from traditional learning?

IBL is a process that allows you to answer your own questions and create knowledge in the process.

How can I use IBL?

Our workshop will help you develop the skills necessary for solving complex problems in the workplace, on a global level, and in everyday life.

How do I learn more about the IBL process?

Contact us at 910-INQUIRE (910-467-8473) or info@iblinstitute.com

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